Catch the Viral! Don’t let it spread!

Ram had a severe viral infection. He is seventy years old and was bit tired of taking medicines to treat his fever as he was already taking medicines for his sugar and pressure.

Therefore, he asked his wife to play the “Mantra Healing – 1”. Nobody asked him to listen to the CD to heal the infection. However, he got a prompting to play that.

He listened to the CD twice. Then within two hours, his temperature came to normal.

What is the connection between the “Mantra Healing – 1” CD and Viral infection?

When you get fever, which is a symptom, it means that some part of your body is not functioning well. In addition, anytime you fall sick, your chakras also tend to get imbalanced.

The Mantra Healing CD contains mantras for all our body parts from eye to feet. It also contains mantras that take care of organs like liver, spleen etc as well as bija mantras that normalize our chakras.

Thus, by listening to the CD, your body and chakras are taken care and thus fever. The frequencies of the organs are re-established and divine order is restored.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran

    Yesterday i had this strange experience as I was sleeping the morning for some more time feeling very tired inspite of my daughter and husband who woke up already. My husband said its fine you sleep for some more time. After few minutes, i wanted to wake up but could not.I yelled my husbands name and called him ,but he did not turn up at all. Nethraa my daughter saw me yelling and came near me, my husband also came, andthey tried making me get up with great difficulty. And dhadal, i opened my eyes only to realise that all these five minutres were a dream. But that dream was pathetic. I got really scared if i would really be able to get up. This is not the first time that has happened to me like that. My mom when i discuss with her says that it happens likt hat whenyou are really tired. Body does not get up even thoughmind gets up. Sir, could u pls explain more about why this happens?

  2. jayanthy,
    Yes what your mom says is right.There is no co-ordination between mind and body. There is an inner cry for help. Release this.
    Take Aspen and Clematis before sleeping.

  3. Dear Naranji

    Very fantastic and thought provoking system and if we follow the naration explained especially the Mantras and Switch words and also Animal Guide we can get rid of many of our present karmas and surely much relief in these days of turmoil and stress and obstacles surrounding us. It is a god sent technique easy to follow . I wish many more happy years for Mr. Naran’s movements. I am earnestly following the instructions being given to me thro book and e mail and it is working miraculously, which I never had previously for a long time. Things are getting improved /


  4. Dear sir can you help me with switchwordS broncaities.I am coughing tOo much.thanks


  6. Hi!
    Could you please share a remedy may be switch words to cure ear ache?

    Awaiting your revert.


  7. Hi,
    I have a doubt. I generally put on the cds, Welcome change, Harmony, Together divine, Forgiveness, Bach Flower meditation and I love Myself before going to sleep. I lie on the bed and put on the headphones. Somewhere through the cds, I go into deep sleep. My doubt is will the listening work even if i drop off to sleep? How do these cds work on the sub-conscious mind if i go off to sleep? Am I doing something wrong? Please clarify.

  8. Thank you R Mohanji for clarifying my doubt. I have not attended Naran Sir’s class yet but Divine willing I will. The cds are really a blessing and Naran Sir’s voice is so soothing. Thank you all for doing such blessed Divine work of healing so many souls.


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