New Book of Secrets

Find Your Life Answers using Naran’s Bach Flower Remedies

This book is not just about Bach Flower Remedies, but a multi-dimensional approach to healing through Bach Flower Remedies. Therefore, in this book, you will also see reference to Gem remedies, Switch words, Animal spirit guides etc. 

Of course, as one would expect from Naran they offer life solutions which are not only very effective but very simple to follow. Welcome to the world of solutions using Naran’s unique multi-dimensional approach to healing!!!

In this regard, you will find in this book:

1.       How you can use Bach Flower Remedies for various life situations

2.       How to combine Bach Flower remedies with other healing methods like Switch Words and Gem remedies.

3.       How to use Bach Flower remedies – how to do chanting of remedies, write names of remedies, use circle technique, how many times to chant, and other such frequently asked questions on Bach Flower Remedies.

Please also check out the book “Bach Flower Remedies for Children”, written by Naran


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Mr. Balakumar, do you also sell Digital book format for this book? Thank you.

  2. hello sir,
    my acupuncturist says tat my eye problem is related to my liver. so by listenin to vision improvement cd(lalitham lamdodram cd) wil my liver also get cured or wil i hav to healin seperately for liver.
    And i also hav to mention tat Vision cd works really good as i had not got headache for the past 1 1/2 months which i used to get weekly once if i watch TV.

  3. Respected Naran Sir,
    This book on Bach flower remedy & the Bach Flower for children is just superb.Getting gr8 benefits from it. I had just finished reading your this book. My friend who had come to Mumbai for shopping for her sons wedding from Goa left her bag containing all the heavy saris worth more then 50K on the road a few buildings away from where i stay. As she reached Goa by flight she realized & called me up to check around. She had lost all her hopes. In your this book it was given to chant CERATO, CHESTNUT BUD, ROCK WATER. I kept on chanting while my husband went down the lane to enquire if any one has found the bag. She had forgotten the bag around 1 pm & we were looking out for the bag at around 4.30 pm. She had lost all hope. But the chanting helped & we found the bag intact. She was very happy. Thanks to u Naran ji.

    continue your healing. Best of luck! flowers have the grace to accept your prayers. Thank the flowers and mentally prostrate to them. The represent divine love and light on Earth.

  5. Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

  6. My daughter aged 8 years old. if she starts crying. she goes on crying and never says why she is crying. I am really afraid whenever she crys like that and makes me very angry. Only if I beat her she stops her crying. please help.

    what should i do for her.


  7. punidhavelu ,
    Give her daily RESCUE REMEDY HOLLY CHICORY. three pills each three times a day.

  8. dear sir,

    I would like to thank you for your guide to secure a loan and thank god and you we mange to secure the housing loan within a week of chanting. Thank you so much

    Now we are planning to sell a piece of land and hope to get a buyer soon. Can you pls advice what should we chant.

    Thank you.


    • Please share what you chanted…

      Website admin

      • Dear sir,

        We chanted:


        the best part is we were only requesting for 70% of the house price but really surprising the bank offered us 90% loan of the price. Of course we only took what we needed 70%.

        Sir can you guide me what should we chant in order to ensure the sale of our land.

        Thank you.

    • WHENEVER you achieve something through chanting you have to say what was given to you for chanting so that others may benefit out of that. you a sked about the loan in some other page and now you have come to a different page asking another question.
      chant for selling; FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW

  9. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am sorry for the ignorance on my part I will ensure to avoid such mistake in future. Thank you for the guide given on getting a buyer.

    Thank you.

  10. Respected Sir,
    I have got a place which i want to give it on lease. To get best offer & good sub tenants What should i chant.

  11. Rashmi,

  12. hello Sir,

    I have a chronic cough, which leads to breathless and fainting and leg pain also. what i have to chant

  13. Sir,
    I wish to sell my old flat ASAP as i m in desperate financial situation. But due to poor market condition am not getting buyer at my market price.Also the Society chairman & Secretory are likely to create hurdles. So Please guide as to what should i chant (Switch words & Mantra)for fastest sale at best price without any kind of hindrances?
    Also is it true that some Bach flower remedies can be sprinkle in such places for easier sale?If so please let guide

    Thanks & Best Regards,


      • Dear Sir,
        Thanks for the guidance. But you have not mentioned about Flower remedy that i need to sprinkle in the house to be sold.

        Also for removal of vastu doshas in the place where we live& making our vastu shubh which flower remedy should we sprinkle. Please Guide…

        Thanking You,

      • Dear Naran Sir,
        i chanted the switch words given, but still there seems too little progress as i am getting enquirers but thats it.
        Please reply and guide me a mantra or switch-word that i can use to sell my flat at “x” amount within a months time frame.
        What should i do so that those buyers who come to see my flat like it and are willing to buy it

        Thanks & Best Regards,

  14. I ve reading ur site for quiet some time, n i find it so helpful. I would like to ask for some help too. How do i cleanse my aura n energise it with positive vibes so as to attract good loving people. Something to make me look more prettier n younger. Thank u.

  15. Asha
    Take the flower remedies WALNUT CRAB APPLE 2 pills each three times a day.
    put two pills of the remedies and whitechestnut 2 pills in bathing water and take the bath. your aura will be cleansed.

    • sir, the remedies u have suggested to cleanse one’s Crabapple, walnut and white chestnut..sir can we also pray for the animal spirit peacock to clean our aura..also pray sun god to cleanse one’s aura…can all the healing methods can be tried at once…kindly enlighten us sir

  16. No Response! Naran Sir please respond

  17. Namaskar,

    I have a healing practice (Homeopath), but it is very slow for many years. I have studied for over 12 years and have all types of formal education, but I feel underconfident in my abilities and feel something may go wrong. I also resist problematic clients who in the past have given me much trouble. I have lost all interest in studying and helping people. Now I am dependant on my teacher to help me solve cases as I feel I am not able to solve them well myself. Money is also very slow. For last year or so I have even thought about stopping practice and doing something else. Can you kindly suggest something for becoming a good healer again and having a successful and busy practice ?

    Thank you !

  18. dear sir, my daughter who is 9 keeps making stories which can be treated as a lie in the context of the situation. If you ask her why did she do that she says “her ghost in the head told her to say that”. What remedy should i use or chant.

  19. Dear Sir Naranji in Answered to Asha you have mantioned “” Take the flower remedies WALNUT CRAB APPLE 2 pills each three times a day.
    put two pills of the remedies and whitechestnut 2 pills in bathing water and take the bath. your aura will be cleansed.”” Can anybody do the same or the person who have asked the question to you only does.Kindly guide.Thanks

  20. fitrrs,
    anybody can do. Walnut crab apple keep infections also way. daily two pills of each can be given to children, When there is infection and fever, this can help. Not to catch any infection while in the hospital, this combination of walnut and crab apple given.

  21. namaskar sir.
    sir my father is involved in many court cases.. one is a disputed property of my grandfather,where my father’s sister has put a false will,, that she owns a major part of it. to which my dad put a case ,but now he has left hope. he has a younger brother also for his share. its been many years and there has been no solution..and now he agrees to let her sister take the share she wants.. the problem is that now my uncle wants more share and is not allowing the property to be sold. sir pls help me with the remedy to solve this case and sell this property as soon as possible.

    my father has two more shops that he rented but the tenants have cheated and are not paying any rent for past 3 years and have possessed those property and are not leaving it ,claiming it as theirs..and they have also put the case in court saying that my father is throwing them out. sir pls help my father get relived from all such tensions. he is a nice man and is often cheated by people. he has no one to his support,aged 72 he is on his own. having knee pains and heart problems.. sir pls help those tenants leave..

    thank u sir..


  22. sharadha,
    chant CENTAURY ROCKWATER PINE AGRIMONY CHICORY 50 times over a glass of water and give him.
    ask him to chant NAMASHIVAYAM daily 500 times.

  23. dear naran sir thanks for help..

    sir is there any way that i can chant for him,because i stay far from him as i m married and there is no one who will do this for him and he himself will not be able to do any chants as he is non- believer in such remedies, plus his health n problems.
    sir pls suggest me what is the best way i can do this for him. or is there any bach flower pills that can help.. ?
    thank you once again sir.

  24. shraddha,
    Then nothing can be done.
    you chant REDCHESTNUT WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT CRAB APPLE 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
    do this on waking up. and before going to sleep

  25. thank u sir..
    Naran sir please also suggest whether i can send him any bach flower pills as he might take them. thank you once again sir for your help.. i am really grateful to u..


  26. shraddha,
    give him 2 pills of each, one by one CENTAURY ROCKWATER PINE AGRIMONY CHICORY two times a day.

  27. puja q 22.
    chant Release resistance scleranthus gentian wildrose FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW DONE.

    • Dear Naran Sir,
      i chanted the switch words given, but still there seems too little progress as i am getting enquirers but they are not agreeing to pay the market price that is 18L.

      So please guide me a mantra or switch-word that i can use to sell my flat at “x”(18L) amount within a months time frame.

      Also What should i do or sprinkle which Bach flower remedy so that those buyers who come to see my flat like it and are willing to buy it at market price immediately?

      Thanking You,

  28. puja,
    everybody wants everything as per their will and desires.
    chant CHICORY GORSE and spray the water with these two remedies

  29. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the prompt reply. I think you misunderstood mu query.
    (1) For sale of property all i want is what prevailing fair market rate(18L) is and not what i will /wish to like say 25L or 30L.
    So it would be nice if you give some switchword with target of 18L

    (2)Regarding spraying of Bach Flower remedies i wanted to know in general which remedy can be sprayed for removing vastu defects ( of not just the empty flat that we are selling but also of the current living rental house) and making the flat more appealing/sale-able.

    I am sorry if i had not made clear myself in my earlier query and hope that you will forgive me & guide me accordingly.

    Thanking You,

  30. PUJA,
    CHICORY GORSE will give fetch you the price you want. add give find count 18lakhs.
    daily chant WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT CRAB APPLE 100 times over a glass of water and spray in the house.

  31. Dear Naren sir,
    i like to learn bach remedies and other your healing method can you please help me
    am from salem. so please

  32. Nathan Sir I have a few issues I want to discuss with you to take your help and guidance. Can you please give your email id?

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  34. I started taking tribuss in 2013. After 6 months the doctor changed me to Atrioza. Is there a difference between the two tablets?

  35. My younger daughter has had breathing problems since she was 1.have to nebulise her constantly. When she gets attack she has fever and keeps coughing and vomitting and wheezing. Pls guide . Namaskaram

  36. Amit Sadhan Chakravarty

    Can u send me the details of remedies for bachflower


    Respected Sir,

    Started following Bach Flower remedies very recently. THAT’S AMAZING..
    Need one help in resolving my court case against builder, Result should be in my favour as wanted to withdraw from their scheme, and asked charges for mental harassment..I should get the full amount ASAP..’

  38. How can I purchase Naran sir’ s books?

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