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Naran S Balakumar

  1. hi

    i am tense due to my hair loss, please suggest me medicine or mantras or meditation to control the same.

    I also want to know how I get Naran Products. Please help me in this matter.


    MAIL To for naran’s products.
    take crab apple regularly

  3. annapurna3081

    Hello sir, i am preparing for judicial service and i am soon going to appear for my mains exam. i want to clear it as it is very crucial for me. i came to know about the ambika mantra and started chanting today. what are other remedies which will help me in achieving my goal. please reply soon as my exam is in the second week of june. thanks

  4. annapurna.
    write 398 LARCH HONEYSUCKLE GENTIAN in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
    Pray to the animal spirit guide WOLF.

    • annapurna3081

      thank you sir for the reply. there are some clarification that I need. shall I continue with the ambika chant. and if so how many times as of now I am chanting 108 times ascan you please tell me in detail about the prayer to wolf, I want to know if there is specific way n do I need the picture of a wolf. thanks.

      • annapurna3081

        secondly do I need to write it 398 times or just 398 larch honey…… please reply soon. thanks .

    continue the chanting.
    just say to wolf whatever you want to tell. Do it once a day.

  6. Namaste Sir,
    I am in loads of debts and i am not able to come out …. please give me solutions

  7. savitri,
    Take mustard pink tourmaline sweetchestnut in the mornings and whitechestnut gorse in the night before sleep

  8. Respected Naranji,

    My brother wanted money for business and had pledged my gold bangle, he has not returned that to me still. Please suggest me a mantra so that he gives me back my gold bangle. I am really worried knowing my brother’s nature. I dont want to lose it as I have only one with me.


  9. sargunan nandagopal

    sargunan with u, i am working in airline operations which magic word i should chant for smooth and no issues in operation.

  10. My son never sits down to study he has to write his 10th exams this year .what do I do?

  11. Dear Naran Sir,
    My name is shraddha and really fed up with many issues in job and personal. In job though working hard I am not able to get promotion nor monetory gains. The people who are not intelligent than me are going higher and I am on the same place. This thing worries me. I dont know whats going wrong. At home too there are many issue. My husband is very nice, very supportive. But my mother in law is too cunning. i dont like her. She doesnt help me a bit still I keep a smile on face whenver she comes in front of me, but she still shows me attitude, i dont know for what. I have come from a small town duw to which I think I am facing this issues – personal and professional front. People are under estimating me. I want to change both my inner and outer appearance. Please help. Also I want to talk to you. Please let me know how.

      do the forgiving exercise for your mil. unless you have genuine love for her, you cannot achieve anything in the office

  12. Lupe en California

    hi Naran, which MUSIC CD or MP3 would you recommend to attract ideal buyer to a vacant house for sale and also to another house that is owner occupied. the intention is that a buyer falls in love with house & matches asking price for the highest good of all concerned. thank you. Lupe, California

    • Lupe en California
      YOU CAN LISTEN TO together divine cd on a daily basis.
      call wolf and say this for all realestate business

  13. Dear Naran,

    I have realized that I am less productive and lethargic at work these days. It affects me professionally. I worry a lot about many things but when it come to work, I know I am not at all productive. Do suggest me a solution

    • sasmita
      why are you lethrgic? What thoughts prevent you from working well? what mental state is preventing you?

      • Hi Naran,

        Thank you for replying. I do go through a lot of emotional problem. One of them is none of my relationships work and no matter how much I or my family try, things always break before marriage. But other than that also I realize I always think too much and my mind wanders a lot even if I am not worried. And thus I don’t work much. I could work efficiently but i simply cant focus more on work and become more productive. My major concern at this point is the way I can’t focus and concentrate and not work. This also prevents me from growing in life. Please suggest me switch words to improve my concentration and my career.

  14. Sir,
    Is there a remedy for Lipoma, it is very painful for me especially in the nights I cannot sleep with pain. If there is any mudra, switch word or gem remedy please let me know.

  15. Dear Naran ji, is there a CD which can be used to reduce spending excess time on computer playing xbox and similar games. Kids spend a lot of time on these. I have got your CDs for Jai Sri Ram Jai Jai Ram, Flower meditation, Abundance, Durga Mantra. Kindly guide which one can be used and how often.

  16. rajii,
    There is on cd called attention and focus, which can be played in the back ground when children study.
    flower remedies only can help

  17. Dear Sir ,

    Sir thankyou for the remedies and mantra’s you give us and help us .

    I am looking out for a job these days . i had 2 offers they called me and gave me the offer later called up and said sorry and kindly look out for another option its upsetting me. Kindly suggest me switch-word/mantra for getting a job near to the place where i live with good salary and timings. kindly help me sir . working is necessary for me.

  18. srelu

  19. Trying to shift house but unable to get the house to suit my requirements,I have been trying for the past two years.what do I do?

  20. Trying to shift house,but unable to get one to suit my liking.

  21. Dear Naran Sir,

    Please give me advice to change the lethargic habits in my children. Even though they are small(6 yrs and 10 yrs) they hardly do things by their own. Starting from the morning chores I need to either be behind them or have to shout and scream to kick of the day.They get late to school everyday. I sit with them and even tried to tell them nicely nothing is working.Morning time is like battlefield at home and I feel very tired by the time I start to office and all my energy is lost and I am not able to focus on my work and be productive.Please tell me what needs to be done or changed.

  22. nisha
    chant GORSE CLEMATIS continuously till they go to school

  23. Hello Sir,
    I would like to how to listen to Abundance CD through headphones or speaker. I checked on the website its not mentioned.


  24. Sir Namesthe,
    My brother Bakakrishna’s job is not yet permanent though requited in government office since 2 years and also not yet married. He is now 37, my father expired and my mother, grandmother stay along with him. His income is low and have loans to clear. I am very much worried about him and cannot attend to their problems being a married sister. Please suggest some remedy. thanking you. Gayathri

  25. dear naran sir,

    please answer my question posted on 18th july


  26. Dear Sir,

    I believe that due to the grace of Lord, I happened to see your website.

    I need help on these –

    I want my daughter to be good, obedient, happy always and God fearing. Her friends should also become good. She should get herself out from all vices and lead a student’s life. She should love all and be loved by all especially family. She should be successful and above all, ALWAYS happy – she has currently depressive traits and has unbearable short temper. She should stop her extravagant way of life and be careful about money .

    My husband should love and respect me for what I am. He should also be at peace with himself and not fight with me always. He should be calm, mature and be supportive and compassionate to me. He should support me emotionally and physically.

    I have a new job in a new location – this assignment is new to me – I should be able to do this without any help and my boss and my company should be extremely happy with me. I need success at work. I am very frightened now – my assignment starts on the 19th of August.

    I have no mental peace now – I am struggling in life’s problems. I need happiness and peace – I should be loved by all.

    PLease help me – you are my last resort – I hope you will reply – I am travelling outside India to my husband’s place tonight. Please help..I have sent a detailed mail to your email add too.

    Only a miracle can help me from the situation I am in..


  27. Sir,my sister is in love with a christian guy,but we in our family firmly oppose this ,but she is adamant.please how do we change her mind please help us. She is working as an i.t.,professional she is refusing to quit her job and come home. How do we bring her home.

  28. Thanks sir, Your Site is very usefull, i have a problem for the past 12 years below the Left rib i have dull pain some times its high i have GRade I Oesophagitis & Antral Gastritis by endoscopy, by CT scan they told that bulky tail of pancreas what to do with these problem. i am suffering lot please help me

  29. Dear Naran,

    In all my relationships — family, workplace or romantic — I am dismissed as insignificant. My opinions, feelings and best intentions are ignored, and I am treated as though my efforts have little or no value.

    I have repeatedly attracted unavailable people into my life. How can I correct the situation from within me so that I stop this pattern once and for all? What remedies can help me?

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

  30. Dear Sir,
    I met this person few months back through a matrimony website with whom I feel a strong connection. However, the communication is very random and confusing. The confusion is not from my end. this person and the actions leave me confused. I have not met anyone in last 15 yrs with whom I felt such great chemistry and whose company and conversation I really enjoy and seems similar from that side too, yet, there is no forward movement.
    I feel like I am holding on to something imaginary and should meet other people through the website, but I am not able to as all I can think about is this person and the amazing frequency we share. Time flies when we are together. This person has been through a divorce many years back and has many fears related to intimacy and relationships. What can I chant to bring clarity and direction to this situation. My intention is not to influence this person or their thoughts through switchwords or otherwise but just for this situation to move forward towards commitment if its meant to be.

  31. I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

  32. Sir,


    I came across your blog today and found it very useful.I recently quit my job and am currently unemployed and looking out for a job.

    Though i have a good qualification and around 6yrs of experience in the IT field,I feel stressed out and am experiencing a fear that prevents me in even preparing for the interview and i keep postponing things.I want to overcome this fear and get a good job .

    Request you to suggest me a solution for this.


  33. Hi

    My nephew who is now in 12th class commerce student doesnt show any interest in studies and even my daughter who is in 11th class science student is the same, the only thing both of them do is be busy on their mobiles playing games or chatting to their friends, there doesnt look any hope of their future, please help as my sister too manages everything alone as her husband is paralytic and i am single parent with financially difficulty and i had previously asked you for help and i am doing the healing mudra for myself.


  34. Hi

    Thank you very much for replying to my questions asked on 5th October. Will follow as you say.



  35. Respected Naranji,
    Greetings and Namskar,

    I came across your blog while surfing for mantra.found all the sections like switch word,angle no. n mantra very intresting.I want to have your guidance for my problems.want to knw my bij mantra.I am want to try for a good job.evry where i go i get less sucess n recognition even though i work hard.I feel i start well but get lazy after that.even though i knw i have to act i wont.I alsohave skin problems and hai loss..My beauty n glow is getng down day by day.

  36. hi
    my husband has suffered from paralytic attack this july 13 and now he is slowly improving,he is whole right side of the body was affected along with his to get speech clarity and lifting his right hand and fingers is with difficulty.he has to return back to normal.pls suggest a solution for us.

  37. Respected Sir,I have to get promotion,in my job,financial stable and build house.

    thank you

  38. Namasthe,

    I suffered with sever acne problem & still keep getting them & have got scars. Its been 18 yrs. I have tried all the medicine with no good result & have been depressed & lost confidence & interest in all things. Please help
    Thank you

    • Namasthe Sir,

      A gentle reminder, I have got no response, sir I tried so many medicines & went to many doctors for acne scar treatment with no effective result, now its like I lost trust in all

      I am 33+ & still unmarried, my parents are so worried & tested, I feel very sad that because of me they have to suffer.
      Currently i am taking bach flower -mustered, crab apple, rock water, walnut
      Sir please help me, its so nice, kind of you for

  39. Hello Mr. Naran,

    I am a student studying MBA in the US. I am not rich but got a good scholarship. I took a small loan but now most of my money is over. My issues are:

    1. Not getting an internship. I need it so I can pay my fees for the rest of the course.
    2. Lack of money- Hardly have any money, need a part-time job, and need to find accommodation for the next month onwards. If things continue like this, I might have to leave my course mid-way and return to India with a 12 lakh rupee loan.
    3. Feel lonely, depressed and hopeless. Studying is no problem as I like to study. But the loneliness and depression is getting to me.

    I’m a devotee of Devi Lalitha and Sai Baba. I chant Lalitha Sahasranamam once a week.

    Please help me. Please guide me by telling me what to chant and how many times a day, also if chanting should be done in the mind or loudly.

    I will be eternally grateful. May God bless you for your service to us all.

    Please please reply sir.


  40. namaskaram sir, en annaikku amaithi vendi ketkum magal.yerkanavey engalukku vungal sevai nangu nanmai aliththulathu,manthirathin moolam;siriya puththagathin vazhiyaggavum.en annaiyin manamum vudalum paripoorna santhi kolla vudane enna seiyanum?any manthra is there to chant frequently or daily at the same time?thank u very much for all.thank u once again sir.

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