How to chant for others

Mentally visualize them and chant

Keep the person in your mind, make an intention you are doing the chanting for that person and go on chant the switch words, mantras and remedies prescribed.

Energize the water

Take a glass of water. For 100 times chant the switch words, mantras and remedies prescribed, holding a glass of water.  The water will be energized with the remedies. Now, drink it or give it to the person who needs healing.

Let them receive the energy of your chanting

Write the name of the person in a piece of paper. Keep it in the left hand. Place your right hand on the left hand and chant the required switch words, remedy names or mantras.

Variation of the above method

Mentally keep the person in your left palm. Keep the right palm about 18 to 20 away from the left hand. Go on chanting the switch words, mantras and names of the remedies. Bring the right hand slowly steadily towards the right hand and finally when it touches the left palm, end the chanting. Thank the person and say, “please go back to your place”. Thank the switch words etc too.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Please explain how to write for others?


  2. Naran sir,
    My boyfriend is running a research lab cum training centre for biotech students. Its been 3 years since he started this venture but still he is not able to make good profit in his business. He always has to take monetary help from parents or friends. Now he is changing the location of lab for which he need around 5 lakhs to build the new lab. Can you plz suggest something so that i can chant on bwhalf of him to get him through this situation and arrange money without borrowing from anyone.

  3. Naran Sir,
    please help me getting my love back in my life. i love him very much please give me some switchwords

  4. Niranjani Madhuri

    Naran Sir,

    Can u please give me a switch word that I can chant for my daughter to just focus on education by going to classes regularly, studying hard, and sleeping on time? Away from social media.

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