Forgiveness CD Instructions and Benefits


Learn to forgive today with this CD, which contains the frequency signature of Bach Flower Remedy WILLOW, a flower to open our heart to gratitude and the frequency signature of Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT to break the pattern of resentment.

Why we need to forgive?

Harboring resentment is doing more harm to us than the offender. By forgiving we become calmer and confident.


It is a multi track CD and it also contains the switch words for forgiveness. The Switch Words selected are REVERSE BOW TINY CONCEDE. When this command reaches your subconscious mind, the internal change will start happening not only in you but also in opposite persons.

Subliminal affirmations are repeated more than 10000 times. The affirmation contains, “I release the need to blame anyone including myself. Everyone is doing his best, thinking what he thinks is right. All my relationships are loving harmonious”.

One more audio track contains brain wave frequencies which open your heart and quite your mind from resistance, if any.


  •          Listen to the CD with your headphones.
  •          Don’t drive, or do any heavy work.
  •          You may lie down or sit
  •          Listen to the CD at least once a week and every time you need to forgive somebody. For long-standing issues with your spouse or family members, listen to it on a regular basis.

Relax and listen to this CD without any expectation. This listening is a tool and you have to make the internal change by getting released from survival emotions.

Listen and live blame-free.

Best of luck



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you Naran sir..i was trying to buy this cd through goolgle link and it is not working..i want to buy this sir…Together divine

  2. thank you sir..i spoke to Shobana mam.. Together divine

  3. I cannot find the forgiveness cd on amazon.

  4. Sir,

    Thank you once again. Atlast I cud forgive one single person, whomI cud not forgive for thelast 1 year 4 mths.

    I feel so nice. I am all time smiling and able to help people who are in trouble with lot of patience.

    They are also really benefitted after taking guidance from me intothe right path.

    Especially, the young age, teenagers, housewives…

    Thanks again.

  5. sir,
    amazing cd…very relaxing and feel fresh after listening to this..i have listened to this cd continuously for more than a month…i could notice lot of change in myself..i became more peaceful…
    thank you naran sir for blessing us with this great gift.

  6. haripriya,
    best of luck

  7. This cd is only a tool, internal changes you must make by getting rid of survival emotions -what is the meaning of this line. how to do internal changes. After listening to it regularly now for for more than 15 days and i find it very soothing and can feel the improvement in my mind as well as interactions. I feel ‘Live Blame Free’ means both, don’t blame and don’t feel/get blamed – it is a very good blessing. thank you very much.

  8. RD,
    it will make the internal changes – the lessons we have learned, have to be implemented in our day to day life.
    Best of luck

  9. I live in Canada how can I get this CD?

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