Resolve your financial issues

Mr. ER

I had been trying many ways to increase my finances and increase higher and continuous inflow of money into my life. My ambition and dream is to have financial freedom.

Recently I came to know about switch words. Do switch words work 100%? Actually, I am writing this mail to you mainly for the ‘Abundance’ CD that will work on the subconscious mind to attract more money into my life.


I will ship the CD. Switch words will work 100%.

Tell me what you are doing. Is there any problem with earning? Why do you want to have more money? What will be your state of mind if you don’t amass wealth?  What feelings and thoughts that will come to you then? What will you do with the money?

Mr. ER

You asked me why I want money. It’s like you asked me why I want food and clothes.

I come from a middle-class background where our life is always decided by lack of money. We have to think 20 times to spend 10 rupees. Almost all the problems in my life and my bitterest experiences were due to money.

I don’t like my work either. But have to do for money. I don’t like the place. I don’t like my present life. Life is full of compromises. I don’t have financial freedom. I want a life of my own.

My father says ‘to come up in life, we have to work very hard.’ If that is true, a labour person works very hard but hardly gets even food. As Deepak Chopra says the shortest way to get anything is correct not the hard way.

So I turned to spirituality to raise my standard. Not only my financial development, but my spiritual and all-round development is dependent on money. I feel switch words are a gift to me from the universe for my years of quest to change my life. Please help me with effective ways to manifest money along with switch words.



Release all your aversion to the present state. Any state we have to accept and overgrow it.

“I don’t like my work. I don’t like the place. I don’t like my present life. Life is full of compromises. I don’t have financial freedom. I want a life of my own” – if these thoughts occupy the mind, money will not come. Money will flow in when you willingly accept the situation. Any situation is designed by God.

Start liking the job. If you do it with aversion, and don’t contribute your work with full heart, you are stopping your growth. Daily thank the company who gave you the employment. Thank all the people in the office. Start liking the place. Compromises are there in everybody’s life. They are made to move forward in life and not to get stagnated.


I will also send you the CD entitled “I Love Myself” also, in addition to the Abundance CD.

Best of luck


Handle resentment and aversion: WILLOW, Bach Flower Remedy

Release our resistance to growth, abundance and success: RELEASE RESISTANCE, switch word

Find money: FIND COUNT DIVINE, switch words

“I LOVE MYSELF” CD is a subliminal CD to help you love self, relationships, career and life in general and “ABUNDANCE” CD helps you to accumulate wealth with happiness.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to buy the I Love Myself CD & Abundance CD but as I live in Bahrain,

    Kindly let me know is it possible ship


  2. Dear Sir,

    We are negotiating the rent with land lord to move to new flat , please advise the switch word for the rent which we want ,

    Also please advise me to know if this is the right time and right house to move

    Thanks & Divine

  3. Nayana
    to know whether this is the right house or not: chant SWEET CHESTNUT.
    To find house within our budget: MIMULUS

    • Dear Sir,
      Thanks for the reply and we have finalise the house for our budget,
      We are planning to shift to the new flat on saturday, but planning to do inguarl pooja on Thursday, kindly advise me mantra / switch word to add to it for Happy & properous Home ,


  4. Nayana

  5. Namastae Naran ji,

    Is the abundance CD still available? What other CDs and books will benefit me? I would like to purchase some.

    Thank you much for your help, time, and consideration.

  6. Sir can u pls tell me what the difference of your Abundance CD from that of other subliminal Cd’s Kelly Howell etc

    And to My Knowledge Abundance is related to Basic and Heart Chakras level so will this CD Heal and Balance Basic and Heart Chakras Also

  7. Dear Naran Sir,

    I have recently got to know about the switch words, and read a lot of your replies as to how it helps.

    I am 35 and have been struggling in life since the past 12 yrs personally and financially. No stability in job and also divorced. No matter how much I try, I am always short on money and get jobs that don’t pay well, but I still have to work with them as there is no option.

    Most of my friends are all financially happy and also happily married, but I am the only lonely one who is left out, looking for a stable life.

    I just want to know if there are any switch words that can help me be financially extremly stable (get a good job out of this country) and find a secure life partner.

    Thank you

  8. Kanthimathi. Al

    Please help me with switch words which will help in solving my financial problems. I also need all my vacant premises to be occupied by good tenants so major problem is solved.

  9. Jackson Montewa

    Hi!there Im a unemployed father of three kinds and I can’t seem to make ends meet,hoping for a miracle in my financial situation.I have incomplete engineering course.any help will do.
    Kind regards.

  10. Bp is ver high for my mom is there is any remedy or mantra

    • Hi sir,
      in 2014 I started my own business of taking project & hiring employees, two months its going good after that, only loss, I losted lakhs together money, in june 2015, I closed business, bank balance is nil, no bugs to have a food also, now I have to pay my debts back, my situation is very critical, Plz suggest me best switch word, “willow release resistance mustard find divine count now”
      is this OK, ?

  11. Cheryl Coutinho

    My husband started a business so that he could earn more money and hence he took a huge amount of loan but the people with whom he was to start the business duped him now we r burdened with loan the debtors are harrasing us he has also lost his job husband is still abroad as he cannot travel becos of legal issues of loan and we r in india finding it difficult to manage
    I want abundance of wealth so that we can pay off all our loan and lead a good life

  12. We r in huge financial debts in a rented house at the moment and loans dont knw how to get out of this situation nothing seems to be working for my husband how much i can do on my part i am doing all jewellery also mortgaged at the moment to survive

  13. Read many of your blogs. A ray of hope seen to me. I am working in ministry of finance and I want to switch over my job and want to work with Ministry of External Affairs. I am 45 and do not have any clue how this is going to happen. Kindly let me know switch words to be chanted.

    I am already chanting CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP DIVINE MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS COUNT NOW DONE from last 03 days, but, nothing come out. Could you please suggest other effective chant. Thanks and regards.

  14. Dear Naran,
    I have reached out to you for a consultation by email, and have transferred the necessary consultation fees as well, but not received any response till now. Could you please look into it and send your advise?

  15. Hello sir, i want to clear all my debts and increse my financial flow, Can you please help me out of this.

    • We r in huge financial crisis lost our home to debts and no income stability staying in rented house childrens education cannot fund also huge emotional insecurity regarding how to run the house as husband has lost his business entirely and has met all wrong people who have duped him all wrong decisions taken and we r suffering and does not do anything waiting for fortunes to fall or a windfall what to do require help immediately thankyou thankyou thankyou

  16. Can i spk to you sir above is my problem what to do?????? Switch word which will help how many times oral or to write i need funds immesiately for my sons course from where to arrange i hve mentined my state of finance we dont even hve money so that we can sustai rent all my jewellery is mortgaged my husband not contributing anything

  17. Hi naran sir,
    I also need to have abundance finance, have been working for past 30 years doing my own business and unable to get good orders , if I do get them it slips at the last moment .l love my work but it’s too competitive and am wanting to venture into online selling who h I am unable to do as am not very good with selling and not too computer savy …Please go e me some switch words to help my business grow .Also can I chant willow release resistance find count divine ..for money .

  18. I want to buy the cd how to buy it and any thing for abundance

  19. Hi Sir.
    We gave some huge amount of money to one of our friend (before one and half year), till now we didn’t get the money from him, I think he is making us fool. Sir please suggest me what remedy should I take to get back the money from him. And my husband is searching for a new job kindly suggest for my husband to get a new job.

  20. Hi I’m getting loss in share trading from last last 9 months … previously I was always in profit
    Pls help

  21. Dear Sir
    I have been chanting mustard find count divine now on for last 6 months. But still money has not started flowing in. Opportunities arose, and even uncertainty of job got over but money is still awaited. Please help what to do next!

  22. Hello sir
    I am in problem, I need your help
    Please help me
    My contact number is 9694111118
    Email I’d-

  23. meenakshi palani

    I had more problem in my life. My husband asked divorce . Me and my little daughter together. But I didn’t get the divorce join with my husband. But he doesn’t bother me and my daughter his mind think about lord Shiva and his mom..I thought he affected psychology problem. Sometimes he was speaking good at the same time he totally change to speak. Dual game did it. But my daughter is growing. She wants I couldn’t accept the divorce. We both join together and happily move and financial free life.please need remedy

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