Magic Switch Words

Why I need to listen to these MagicSwitch CD series?

How many times you can chant in a day? Say 1000 times or 2000 times, while doing all your household work or office work.

Also, can you remember to do it throughout the day, day and out? Not possible for ordinary souls like us. It’s mentally tiring and boring too.

No problem for me. I can do it as I am a die-hard.

But, how long you would like to do as one problem goes from life, another problem follows us?

May be, you think you can store the switch words in your mobile and listen to it the whole day – ignoring TV and other entertainment that you may seek normally. Yet it is not efficient.

Also, in this fast-paced world we need a quick fix, a simple approach which doesn’t take time and quite effective in terms of time taken.

Is there is a simple technique available?

Yes there is a technique that needs shorter duration. It is effective as well as efficient.

What I need to do?

You just have to listen to the MagicSwitch CDs from Naran. He has picked ten of the most powerful combination of switch words and has recorded them in Alpha frequency.

How much time it takes to listen to a MagicSwitch CD?

It takes up about 30 minutes.

During this time your sub-conscious mind would have listened to the switch words combination for 25,000 times.

It has a nice background music that will keep you in a relaxing mode.

You can either put your head phones on or play it loudly for others to listen – especially when you want your kith and kin to be benefitted.

Why it is effective?

Because you are listening to Magic Switch Word Combination recorded in Alpha state, your conscious mind relaxes and thus you are killing two birds in one stone – relaxation plus programming your subconscious mind. Therefore, the words reach your sub-conscious mind directly and have a greater impact on it.

Still I don’t understand how can I listen to the switch words 25000 times within half-an-hour

The same combination is played one after another multiple times, such that at the same time you will be listening to the Magic Switch Words combination multiple times. So it is efficient to listen to them this way instead of you saying the words monotonously.

The Music and switch words are tuned to keep one in alpha state so that switch words produce better results. 

A little more explanation on the brain wave frequencies please…

Every mental state, whether it is positive or unwanted, keeps the brain in a particular frequency.

Depending on the number of cycles per second, each frequency is classified as beta, alpha, theta, delta and gamma.

If there is a frequency for worry, there will be another frequency for calmness and relaxation.

Each MagicSwitch CD as per the title keeps your mind in that frequency, while listening to it.

The required frequency is achieved by binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones.

Each and every title (MagicSwitch CD) has a background music blended with isochronic tones and combined with switch words.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. can i listen to this while driving? thanks!

  2. Dear Naran sir
    Sir I want this Cd for my family.Can this CD used for loosing weight as wel as gaining weight also.and what other purpose can this CD is useful For ?Mu husband’s tummy is very big like obes person (from chest to lower abdomen is fat)
    Is there any remedies to reduce weight from this perticular area any Switchwords and other remedies ?
    Kindly reply I want to buy this CD can i online buy ?Please send me link to buy .THANKS a Lot

  3. Dear Sir
    I can’t find this cd online to buy

    Please suggest


  4. How can I buy online magic switch cd ,I live in toronto

  5. what is magic switch cd

  6. Ji,
    I am very happy t know that for the benefit of us shri naranji has given the switch words. we will definitely be successful if we listen to it or say it.

  7. Where can we get Naran’s healing CD for Weight loss and what would be the cost .

  8. sri, I and my cousin have started a business like,alloting seats in colleges for low price and I get profit in that,like commission but no one are contacting me.My cousin is doing well in that, give me a solution for success to my business and huge profits what is the swith word to this?? what is the remedy to this?

  9. where to get teses cds?

  10. Naran Sir namaskar
    Words can’t express the gratitude ,
    I feel when I think about
    what you have done.
    I’ll just say thanks…
    Five years back my son was appearing his 12th board exam and I had asked you, regarding , his study ,you sent it to me some remedies and suggested mantras, now my son become an engineer and doing a job…

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