Change is a Celebration


As mentioned by you, I was listening last night to “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” CD.

I started listening to the CD in the night and then I guess I was lost.

Suddenly, out of no-where I could feel a hand hitting me right in the base of my spinal cord and I moved from where I was reclining.

I got up, looked around and then slept again. I had the most peaceful sleep I ever had for many months now. I got up and I feel the complete energy when I talk.

Thanks to you. I would continue listening to the CD.


The situation in her office became so bad that she became the scapegoat for the problem and she had to resign her job.

After submitting her resignation, she has been applying for jobs for the last three months and none of the companies has responded so far.

In that situation, I gave her that.

Whenever we become insecure, our Mooladhara Chakra (base of the spinal cord) will become weak and rotate anti-clock wise.

She could feel the movement of the chakra after listening to the CD.

After a week of listening to the CD, she received her dues, which wasn’t normal for her company.

Usually, they dodge settling the dues of the employees, who had left the company. This is a one-more proof that when Mooladhara chakra rotates at a nominal speed, and clockwise your life will become stable.

Change is a Celebration, let us celebrate it. To give the feeling of celebration, I have set the back-ground music in the CD accordingly.

Please check out the link to buy the CD online or from the center:


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. while listening together divine cd can we do other things.. or we have to only listen to cd..

  2. ab
    you should not do anything – any work. Recline relax and listen

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