I want to die before you…


I heard these words from my wife, while I was listening to the “CIRCULAR BREATHING” CD.

She was arguing with her father, a widower and who is staying with us.

His son is living in US and so we offered to take care of his stay.

I didn’t want to break into their fight as it would mean either I hurt the feelings of my wife or my father-in-law.

While I was pondering over these words of my wife, the mantra NA HUM was playing in the CD.

It means I am dead – meaning my ego is dead.

I thought there is a divine message for me here.

So I decided to shut my ego and not to interfere with the fight.

After one hour while I was having my breakfast, my father-in-law approached me.

My wife was silent standing next to him with guilt all over her face.

He apologized for the quarrel happened in the morning, as it would have disturbed my morning Pranayama (yogic breathing) session.

He said here afterwards he will make sure that such things never happen.

My wife’s silence seems to be in total concurrence with him.

I don’t have to say I am quite relived as I had avoided disasters – today and in the future too, from happening.

Till today I do this without involving myself in any event.


Just observe what is happening around you.

Do not judge or react or participate.

To know more about the “Circular Breathing” CD, click this link: https://naranhealingproducts.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/circular-breathing-cd-benefits-and-instructions/


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    How are you doing? : )

    Hope everything is good on your side of life!

    I have ran out of questions now.. how much can someone ask for? : )

    anyway..i keep visiting the site to look for something that is needed to be improvised in my life.. : )

    Thank you anyway..

    I am going to try the circle technique and ‘crow’ word technique..will keep you updated on the same ..

    I hope I get the right partner : )


  2. Circular breathing and other CDs are not ‘products’, they are prasadam. Mercy, kindness, grace.

  3. Dear sir, I ve got a problem. I m in love with somebody but do not know his response. Sometimes i just feel that there’s no love in him. Maybe it s just friendship. Another thing is if it s not love, how am i to forget him? Its really so difficult. He dont call much or sms as he use to. How to know his heart contents? Or should i just forget him? Thank you for your advises in advance. Another thing i want to ask, i m seeing this number 1658 far too often, almost everyday. It use to be his car number once. This number pops up just like that, in work place, roads, clock as if there’s a message. But i m puzzled thinking wat could it be? Is it about him or something else. I m seeing this number even before i see him a year back. I d be very grateful if u could solve this problems. Ur help is really appreciated. Thank u very much.

  4. asha
    The number warns you to keep your mind steady and steadfast. Don’t be driven by love matters and spoil your life. It warns you like a mother.
    chant CRYSTAL JUDGE POINT to be focused on your work.

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