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Please help me to forgive

Anger Eraser Part III

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Is there is an easy way to forgive?

One day, when I was speaking with Naran, he told me that he has created a CD for forgiveness.

This happened six months after I had asked him whether there was any mantra for forgiveness. He did not give an immediate answer back then probably, because there are several mantras that can heal our anger, in their own way. There is no single mantra for forgiveness that was tailor-made for all.

Each of emotion vibrates in a certain frequency

He explained briefly that our brain vibrates in a certain frequency when we are angry about somebody. Likewise when we forgive somebody it vibrates in a certain other frequency.

Thus, each emotion vibrates with certain frequency.

Thanks to research findings of a Japanese Scientist, Naran mentioned that he had found the frequencies of some of the Bach Flower Remedies like WILLOW and WALNUT. Like our emotions, the flowers too vibrate in a certain frequencies of their own. With the help of the Radionics, he was able to figure out those frequencies, which bring forgiveness in the heart and enables a person to get over his anger and stop blaming.

Based on this finding, he added that he had created a CD that will help us to forgive others.

The CD for Forgiveness

The reason he has created a CD because many find it difficult to forgive others, no matter what. So, he was trying to find an easy way out to help people to forgive others easily and effortlessly.

He asked me to try the CD first and share the results with him.

Here, I wanted to share something about Naran. He is a person who is not blunt. He subtly points things to you. Let us say he wants to tell me that I am lazy and I am not using my potential fully, he will say so and so is lazy, indirectly giving his opinion about me.

So I guessed he had thought that I am the ideal guy to try to find the effects of the Forgiveness CD J

Listened to the CD (over head phone)

As a true lazy person, why would I say no to find an easy method to heal my unforgiving attitude?

The CD runs for 30 minutes.  I had been listening to it for the last one month, once a day.

Now, I have started to listen to it twice a day for deeper healing.

I found the CD beneficial is an understatement. Let me share my experiences in the best way I can.

I tried when I wasn’t angry

The whole day will be more or less with one or two angry episodes – I mean short temper or cursing/blaming somebody and may be none at all. In a typical day, I used to have at least 10 episodes of anger.

I tried when I was angry

Within a few minutes, my anger gets erased from the brain, which looks clean with no trace of anger in it.

The day I didn’t listen to the CD

I will go back to my normal ways – though my anger has come down a lot. However, during those days I was not comfortable with my own anger. I desperately wanted to soon come out of that.

Moral of the story

The one major behavior anybody who knows me from childhood attributes to me is that I will get angry very easily. I am not denying that as it is true.

And I think listening to the CD is a boon to me is as truthful as that.

Give it a shot and you will not be angry about me that I have suggested something wrong to you.

Good Luck!!!

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