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I want to die before you…


I heard these words from my wife, while I was listening to the “CIRCULAR BREATHING” CD.

She was arguing with her father, a widower and who is staying with us.

His son is living in US and so we offered to take care of his stay.

I didn’t want to break into their fight as it would mean either I hurt the feelings of my wife or my father-in-law.

While I was pondering over these words of my wife, the mantra NA HUM was playing in the CD.

It means I am dead – meaning my ego is dead.

I thought there is a divine message for me here.

So I decided to shut my ego and not to interfere with the fight.

After one hour while I was having my breakfast, my father-in-law approached me.

My wife was silent standing next to him with guilt all over her face.

He apologized for the quarrel happened in the morning, as it would have disturbed my morning Pranayama (yogic breathing) session.

He said here afterwards he will make sure that such things never happen.

My wife’s silence seems to be in total concurrence with him.

I don’t have to say I am quite relived as I had avoided disasters – today and in the future too, from happening.

Till today I do this without involving myself in any event.


Just observe what is happening around you.

Do not judge or react or participate.

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Circular Breathing CD – Benefits and Instructions

Purpose of doing Rhythmic Chakra Breathing

Rhythmic Chakra Breathing is otherwise called as Circular Breathing by which one is re-born. 

Life energy then fills up the entire being.

Physical cleansing as well as mental cleansing takes place.

Integration of physical, mental and spiritual energies takes place – for the evolution of the mind.

Physically the circulation is activated so that all the cells get sufficient oxygen (O2).

Procedure to follow

  • Inhale when one mantra is uttered and exhale when the other mantra is uttered. 
  • Bija Mantras that activate all the chakras (Lum, Vum, Ram, Yam, and Ham) are repeated in the background. One need not follow or repeat the bija mantras within.  Please note that chakras get cleansed/activated/balanced with Bija Mantras.
  • Just inhale as per the rhythm of the voice. 
  • After 25 minutes, relax for 1 minute and then continue.
  • In addition, other mantras are chanted. They are KO HUM (“Whom am I”), NA HUM (“’I’ am dead”) and SO HUM (“I am that”).

Who can listen

  1. Teenagers who have poor cognition
  2. For ladies who are in late 40 and early 50s – during menopause
  3. For those who have calf muscle pain/ cramps
  4. For type 1 diabetes and High B.P. patients
  5. For those who have varicose veins
  6. For those who are in the age group of 60 and above.
  7. For those who very often have sore throats/ who have sore throats.
  8. Mentally who are unable to let go fear and anxiety
  9. Helpful for yoga practitioners
  10. Very helpful before doing meditation
  11. For persons who have undergone chemotherapy
  12. In the long-term it can be used in weight-loss programme.
  13. If you do not have the habit of going for walking, then the Rhythmic Chakra Breathing is very helpful

How to buy the CD

Contact Shobana: (Mob) 98843-01634 (Email)

Please refer this link:

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