Reiki and Five Elements CD

Purpose of the CD

  • To derive the benefits of practising Mind-Body-Life-Demystified technique or as otherwise called as Mind-Organ-Healing – in a simple package
  • To heal the body, mind and life in one stroke using Tao Mantras, Switch Words, Affirmations and Color Healing

About the CD

This is a guided meditation CD employing Reiki Golden Light Meditation. This audio recording helps you to receive Reiki or universal energy directly through your channels.

The mantras presented here are from Tao. They directly open up the corresponding energy channels of the body, aligning them to the flow of Universal Prana – enabling us to directly get the required life-force that we don’t access.

Each and every mantra given here has a deeper meaning – repeating of which, helps us to resonate us with nature. It also contains switch words that are more appropriate for taking care of our body and organs.

Colors are employed to heal and tone-up the organs.

Questions are asked to the sub-conscious mind, so that it finds answers to fix the problems in your life.

It also contains affirmations, to heal Key Aspects of your life.

Benefits of listening to the CD

When you listen to the CD, every organ is energized with the required life-force. All your elements are balanced and in turn, your organs will get healthier.

Your cells will get energized. The systems and processes of your body are healed.

They will change your mind – remove your fears and giving courage for example. Thus, the mantras will prove to be life-changers too.


The mantras are combined with guided meditation and recorded in theta frequency. Either you can sit in a relaxed fashion or lie down. You need to listen with headphones.

On a daily basis, you can listen to it once a day. It runs for 23 minutes. This will improve your general well-being and tone-up all your major and minor organs.

When you are not feeling well, listen to it at least twice a day – once in the morning and once before going to sleep (you will sleep well).

You can continue to listen with other CDs. It has no side-effect in any way, whatsoever.


Do I need to know Reiki? I am getting this doubt because you have named your CD like that.

No. You don’t need to know Reiki. When you listen to the CD, you will gain Reiki energy or Universal Energy.

Can I charge the water with the CD and give it to others?

Yes and no. You can charge it, but it will not be as effective as listening to the CD with headphones.

Alternatively, chant the mantras over a glass of water and give it to the concerned person.

Do I need to know the basis of this theory – I mean do I need to attend the class, to listen to the CD?

No. You can listen to the CD without knowing the how and why Tao Mantras work. That is the main purpose of creating the CD.

Even if you don’t know English, it will work. Anyway, the mantras are in Chinese.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. where can i buy it? mp3?

    • Hello Naran sir,
      I requested you to help my sister’s son who got married one month back & the girl now don’t want to go to do something for him sir.he is alone in Canada & my sister is very much worried about him, infact we all r worried. Can my sister chant switch word for him? Pl give in detail how to chant in stepwise pl. I will be v thankful if u can help my sister as soon as possible.

  2. Will the CD be available on amazon? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello sir,
    Namaste. Sir i requested u for two things few days back : 1. I am kidney transplant patient ,it’s going to be 7 months for my operation done. I am putting on weight & I am loosing my hair like anything. Pl. help me to reduce my weight up to 8-9 kgs. My vision sight is also increasing very badly, everything looks blur. Pl help me sir becoz I want to reduce immediately . My face & neck n all is swelling. Doctor said its becoz of side effect of medicine. But I don’t want be like this. Pl help me as early as possible. I m going for my neice’s marriage in December before that I want to reduce myself pl sir. Pl sir let me know how to chant switch words step by step.
    2. 2nd thing I am buying toto lottery tickets since 15 years but until now I never won 1st prize neither small prize. I have very longing desire to buy 1800 sq ft area condominium in the centre of city. My hubby is now in retiring stage so he can’t get loan. So your miracle switch words only can help me, pl help me to buy in November 2013.! I have lot of hopes on you. We have some financial need also. The flat it self 1.3/4 million dollars. I hope you will help in this matter.
    Thanks & regards

  4. I learned 2nd degree reiki also. Pl. let me know along with reiki switch words can I chant & heal myself? I learnt pranic healing, tapping, srividya sadhana also. Pl. let me know sir in detail & I am eagerly waiting for your response sir.
    Thanks & reg

  5. Namaste sir,
    I requested you about my problem and my desire to buy condominium but I didn’t get any response from you sir.when can I win my toto lottery ? Pl help me sir I really I need money very much at this stage. Can u help me pl sir?
    I want to reduce at least 8 kgs within December . Pl. pl. help me sir n I m eagerly waiting for your response.

    Thanks n gratitude

  6. I was feeling pain in upper right hand..(may be it was sprain,).
    I searched the blog ..found that we can take “centaury” .
    Along with this I listened “Reiki and five elements ” cd just for two times…now pain no sprain.
    My Deepest gratitude to Naran Sir and his Divine Team.

  7. Where can we get cd’s?

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