Introduction to the CD

A desire is an escape mode for the mind to change the present.

(Therefore) Release any desire as and when arises.

One part of the mind brings out the desires. This desiring part, by trying to achieve, resist what is happening.

This resistance is to be released. Accepting what happens is the first step in any manifestation.

Release all your desires to change or control anyone or any event.

Release all your resistance to get what you need.

Accept every event and every person in your life totally.

Accept whatever happens.

Accept to receive what is offered.

These statements, ‘I accept myself totally’ and releasing resistance statements are subliminally recorded in Theta frequency.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. You might ask me to write a direct email after seeing the size of this comment. But will recommend to answer here so that it will be helpful for everyone .
    1. “Release all your resistance to get what you need.”
    Yesterday there was a discussion in our office regarding which restaurant do we go for a team party.
    There were 3 hotels chosen (A,B,C for our example.) I do not like C because I do not smoke/drink and this C place is full of drunkards, smokers, totally a wrong place to go.
    Now, going by the No. 1 statement – how to release and get what I need? Even If I release the thoughts, chances are still there that they may select place C because most of them in our group want to drink. What will be the point for me to do things which is not of our interest?

    2. “Accept every event and every person in your life totally.”
    3. “Accept whatever happens.”
    I went by the beliefs mentioned in 2 and 3. I did not suggest any place because as per above I accepted every person’s opinion and accepted whatever happened.
    They say directly about me that “no problem with this person, he will come wherever we go”. For almost all of the situations I accept everyone and everything.
    This is just a simplest of life’s many situations. Dont we become a doormat by accepting whatever happens and accepting every person?

    Probably you might say to release before giving a restaurant name as my opinion. But if I do that it will be contradictory to all above statements mentioned on the webpage. If I say A or B Im trying to change the present.

    Note1: It is not hard for me to say “NO”. So please don’t suggest me any Bach switchword for that.
    Note2: My questions are not to challenge anybody. They are to understand how the universe works and what to do in real-life situations.


    • userone,
      The principles given above are not for taking action.
      Release the mental drama going on inside the mind and do what you want to do.
      An action is taken without judgment without any emotion or without any desire.
      Action is never prevented or you are not prevented to take a decision to your will.
      keep the mind free before taking any action and after taking the action.
      A decision is taken after releasing everything of the mind, so that a state of equanimity is achieved.
      e.g. a child may not listen to the parent. The parent may get angry and try to advise the child. She has to release all her anger and her desire to control or change the person and then advise.
      Release the mental drama before saying anything or doing anything.
      Inaction for the mind and action for the body is the need.
      Thank you for posting this question.

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