The most important sacred word

Together Divine CD


The most sacred word in English is TOGETHER. This Word unites the outer world and inner world. Together is the sacred switch word that brings all parts – all differing and conflicting parts – of the mind TOGETHER.

The separated self which is the seat of all our emotions is dissolved and united with the original self, which is always free and joyful.

By listening to the CD which takes you through alpha, theta and delta brain waves with the word “TOGETHER TOGETHER TOGETHER TOGETHER DIVINE”, one finds freedom, wisdom, happiness, harmony, and safety within oneself, so that there is harmony and happiness outside.


  •  Listen to the CD with your headphones.
  • Don’t do any work while listening
  • Preferably do it before going to sleep, as you will tend to fall to sleep

42-day Programme

Listening to the CD for a period of 42 days gives you a healthy mind and a healthy body, and brings happiness towards you.

The seeker becomes the sought and finds total peace, satisfaction, love, affection and much more.

Together Divine is a two-word formula that brings perfect geometry and order in everybody’s life.

Let our life be whole and complete with this two-word mantra, TOGETHER DIVINE.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    Sir& all friends!!
    Let us take this wonderful opportunity to thank & pray for the well being of our beloved Guru-Naran Sir who ha selflessly strived to help every one of us through his kind words and timely interventions.Today being Guru Poornima Day i take this chance to thank him & pray that people like him be showered by God’s Grace to continue helping people like us & many more be helped .
    Happy Guru Poornima Sir!!

  2. I thank you Naran ji for your teachings and generosity. Thank you Divine for bringing Naran in my awareness. I am ever so grateful.

  3. Sir,
    Accept my belated thanks for the wonderful service you are rendering to this world. Even i condider you as Guru so accept my pranams.


  4. Dear Sir,

    I was very curious to learn about spirituality and have been learning in leaps and bounds. But my prayer was answered when i came on this site by chance and since than my life has become so much happier, full of joys. Every word u write, i follow it intently and i am extremely grateful to you to do this selflessly for the good of mankind. God bless you always Sir and give you more knowledge so we can be wise. Thank you for being my teacher. I always said when you are ready, teacher walks in life and it happened for me.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Thank you Naran. May God bless you abundantly!

  6. Pranamams to naran sir..thank you very much for leading us into love and light and guiding us to heal ourselves and the near and dear ones….please accept my pranamams

  7. Pranamams Naran sir…Thank you very much for leading us towards love and light….kindly accept my pranamams sir

  8. Namaste Naranji

    Thank you very much for being our GURUDEV. You bring us light when sorrow clouded us. It proves that we human have the capabilities to come out if shower with divine help and of course Lord has send you to lead us in correct divine way.


  9. Dear Naran,
    I am planning to join GMAT classes and go for MBA , what should I chant or do to get a high score and join a good MBA college.
    Also me and my freind we are planning to get iin one college as our parents will send us when we are together.

    Let me knw wat can we chant for getting High MBA score and getting the same college ?

    pls guide !

  10. hi sir gudevg sir i need ur help im in love i said to my dad but dad is not accepting pls help me sir

  11. pls tell some mantra for peace of mind

  12. Guru I know this email is late,But I want to thank you very much for helping all that need your help including myself.

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