Tie your problems and throw them away

Dear Naran,

I take this opportunity to tell you my case history after listening to cutting the psychic ties CD. Since few days I am listening to the CD before going to sleep. The following changes happened to me:

– Before listening to psychic cut CD, I felt very tired and lethargic.

I went to Mysore to attend one pooja at my in-laws house.  After coming back from there to Chennai, I felt tired and could not concentrate on anything. I felt a lot of negative things influencing me.

After listening to this CD, I am gaining energy and I am not feeling tired both at home and office.

– My daughter wanted to come to Chennai and asked me to take her from Mysore but my mother in-law does not want to come early.  My husband was kind enough to bring my daughter and convinced his mother and we all came to Chennai last week with my daughter and MIL.

Now I made it a practice that I should regularly listen to this psychic cut CD to protect myself.

Thank you Naran! Things happen automatically after listening to our CDs.  This is my personal experience.  As I listen to your CDs, I do not think anything or command that this should happen and that should happen etc.  It automatically happens rightly.


Ms. M

She is the one person who always blames others. That’s why when she cuts the ties, she feels energized. In a way, all of us blame others most of the time, without realizing that we are responsible for our own actions.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. How does one forget? Forget one’s past love. We separated many years ago and now he is married. But after many years, got in touch with me. What started of as two people catching up with each other’s lives but it took a different turn. Now I keep wonderng if it was a mistake to part. it has affected me badly. Now I cant help thinking of him and it hurts a lot.
    Getting back together is unthinkable as I will never destroy another family.
    Please, please tell me what I can do to forget and move on?

  2. sm,
    For overcoming love pangs, to move away swiftly from the one whom you loved, here are four bach flower remedies- CHICORY WALNUT GENTIAN WILDROSE. Buy these remedies in any homeopathy shop. put6 pills of each in a200ml water bottle.Have small sips from that water every one hour. Before taking the sips, shake the bottle ten times.
    It is your mind drama and you have to overcome this by prudence only. Think why do you need him. Think also or list out the disadvantages of being with him. These disadvantages will work as seeds of separation. You cannot escape that. write the following affirmation: I RELEASE ALL THE PAST TO BE AT PEACE. DIVINE TAKES ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Daily, Listen to the Cd “Ilove myself” prepared by me.

    • Thank you Mr. Naran,

      Thank you for all your help. Will truly try to do whatever you have said.
      But in case I’m unable to get any of the Bach flower remedies, can I just write or recite them?
      Yes, I do know that my mind has a lot to do with my unhappiness and am trying my best to convince myself always that the best path to take is to forget him. But its really difficult.
      Are there also any switchwords/angel numbers/animal guides which will also help me in this problem?
      As you can see, am really desperate and will use whatever means to get some peace of mind.

      Thank you once again.

  3. SM,
    you mail me where you are residing. i will guide you where to get the remedies.
    you can write the names of these remedies and help yourself. You can also cs.chant,” i accept myself totally and i choose to forget him as i have forgotten my childhood days”
    download a picture of balck tourmaline and keep it under your pillow.

  4. Dear Mr. Naran,

    I have emailed you as requested.



  5. Our teenage daughter is extremely moody and gets very violent at times, when she does not get what she wants – she shouts at us, hits us and throw things.

    At other times she is very adorable and calm.

    How do we help her? We want her to be a normal and not so emotional.

  6. AD,
    give her flower remedies chicory holly rescue remedy.
    I have gem elixirs which can tame her and increase her confidence level.order from the centre and get them.
    mail balakumar49@yahoo.com

  7. Dear Naran,
    My husband is in the BPO industry. He has got very very high sales targets which seem uncheivable in the current situation. The clients (department head) don’t give any support, don’t even reply emails so getting new work from them seems really impossible.
    What do I chant to help my husband get new sales numbers from them? We are based in the UK for some time. Can we also buy some CD from you? This stress is also affecting our personal life.
    Appreciate any help from your end.


    Mrs. D.P.

    YOU can write this in a notebook around 50 to 100 times. Before chanting intend this is for your husband

  9. I encounter heavy loss in the stock market any time i put in money. I have lost many many lakhs in the stock market. Can you tell me a remedy for that?

  10. CHANT walnut oak hornbeam daily 500 times. you can also write in a notebook -21 times daily

  11. we are trying to sell our land for about 3 years now but unable to do so. I went thru your blogs and even chanted
    together divine order release resistance be done now’
    Nothing seems to work. please help us sell the land soon – if that is for our highest good. chandrika

  12. please help my husband quit the habit of chewing Pan Parag. he tried a couple of times – quit for a brief period & got back to it. are there any switch words or mantra chants i can chant & help him

  13. chandrika


  14. chandrika


    • Dear Mr.naran

      Thanks so much for the reply.
      Will do both – the de-addiction chant and the chant for sale of land and get back to you shortly


    • its nama shivaya or nama shivayam ?
      what is difference between both


      • mr. rahul, have u got the difference between both? me too searching for past 3 years, if u have the exact difference kindly share rhl6600@yahoo.com

      • rAHUL,
        When you chant NAMASHIVAYAM, it activates your right brain, the part of the brain that stores memories in images only. The connection to the Divine immediately happens.right inspiration will happen as per the words.
        In all the mantras i suggested, “M” is added.

        • thanks for ur reply mr. naran, it is help full, if u have any more info or reference in this pls let me know, waiting for your reply .

  15. dear Sir naran;
    plz help me to guide through this situtation, after my last relationship ended with very bad manner. but its been two yrs know i was able to come out of sadness and ready to move on, and feel good about my self. finally, i started feeling the same for this i guy i knew. i really like him and would like to built a loving trustworthy relationship with him.
    there is always something goes wrong which is not making me connect to right guy.
    i have soo much fear in my heart that things not going to come the way i want with him.
    i chant switch words: divine together and om gum gunpatheya namahe.
    thanks for you time,
    looking forward to hear from you.

  16. hello naran my brother is stressed because his wife always complains that he doesnt earn enough whereas he earn well but she always argue and fight ,he’s blessed with son now hes one year old…his wife doesnt allow him to meet us she says if he’ll come to meet us she will commit suicide

    please help me as he starts crying as the situation is not in his hand.he want to giive divorce but in dilemma.please suggest some remedy.i’ll be thankful

  17. anupama

  18. thanks naran sir ..its really great ful of you

  19. thanks naran sir
    for the mantra
    God bless you for helping people

  20. thanks naran sir i asked earlier about my brother according to him because of given chant every thing seems calm and quite now… his wife is not reacting badly as she was earlier ………when god fulfills somebody wishes that person wants’s more………… thats the case with you as god has sent you to help us as a medium ……my brother has not seen my parents from such a long time my only concern is my parents wants to meet him so please if his wife’s mind can be changed and if he gets the confidence to negotiate the situation as i want atleast my brother visit my parents regularly . is their any possibility ,any chant or mantra so that his wife can understand and allow him to go
    thanks a lot sir for giving your precious time
    and sugesstions

  21. anupama
    continue this for some more time. this chanting may help that also.
    Ask him to keep a picture of emerald

  22. Dear Sir NAranji I have a question to ask when ever anybody asks you question behalf of loveones eg for brother,mother,friends,father etc etc To them you suggest remedies ,mantras etc etc …
    here i want to know is The remedy for questioners feelings’s or for for person’s feelings for whom the remedies are FOR.. ??
    Kindly Reply

  23. Fttrs
    you are following the comments very nicely. a good question.
    The situation also can reflect the mind of the person concerned.
    The selection or words or mantras or flowers is based on two things.
    The mind of the person concerned.
    The situation from which the mental state is derived.

  24. Dear Sir….
    My sister(Hiranmayee) is having eye sight Right eye – -7.5 , Left – -6.75. We are trying in every way to cure her problem. Please suggest a solution so that she will have an good eye sight….
    Thanks in advance

    • Contact the centre for eye-tone pills and Vision improvement Cd

    • Dear sir my skin tone z very dark …my friends suppress me because of my skin colour …and I feel I’m unlucky so born dark ….it’s really very embracing ….please help me to become fair

      • Nagashriveena, i am noone to interfere dear but you should be proud of what you are born with. The color of skin should not bring you shame. Thats your ethnicity. Accept it and walk with proud. Those who suppress you are not worth calling friends. Release the embarassement and accept yourself. You are beautiful.

  25. Dear sir,
    Am 42 years old. I have grey hair ans was using hair dye for 5 years. But now there is serve hairloss and patches of baldness. Please suggest some remedies. I live in chennai. Can you help me please.

  26. I want physical cut CD , from where will I get it

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