Stress – a Pain in the Neck

Whenever I am overwhelmed with work and stressful, immediately I get a neck pain. In those times, I curse myself, why can’t I take life easily, as I am a typically a workaholic.

I tried the ‘Pain Management’ CD as my wife forced me to listen to it. I heard bija mantras getting played continuously, though with a different accent. I wasn’t sure, yet I had no excuse not to listen to it as we were waiting for the train to Mysore. Within 25 minutes of listening, my pain was gone, even though the CD went on for ten more minutes or so.

I was not sure, whether this is due to the CD. However one thing I have to admit here, whenever I get a neck pain, it remains for a day or two.

After a week, I got the pain once again, while returning back from Mysore. This time, I was the CD works, as the pain went off, while listening to the CD. Please don’t ask me how long it took, as I slept off, while listening to the CD J

Thanks Naran and more than that thanks to Sudha, my wife, who forced me to listen to the Pain Management CD.


About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My wife is not cordial with my mother and sisters. To come and settle in own house, she wants my mother and sisters to go out of the house. She is not allowing me to go home also. She always threatens for suicide . Evenshe threathens my daughter aged 7 yerars. I d not know what to do? What kindof flower medicaince should be given to her I thre any CD, PLese lett me know


  2. punidhaelu,

    1. The entire family should take the following bach flower remedies: “chicory holly vine willow beech walnut rescue remedy”.
    If you are in chennai, come in person after 29th march. Otherwise buy the remedies from any homeopathy shop. They are available in the form of pills. Put 5 pills of each remedy daily in the common drinking water. This will bring in some harmony in the house.

    2. When she is angry, be in the following Safe and Secure (refer Mudra healing blogs), so that you won’t react angrily.
    Do the mudra like this: with tip of thumb touch ring finger and little finger on both hands. You can also do it in the night before sleep.

    3. Light a pink candle in the south west corner of the house. Everyday morning, visualise pink energy surrrounding you and your family members. Pray to the pink “let this pink be in the house and my family members for the next 8 hours”.

    4. In the night fill up the bed room and others with AQUAMARINE energy. AQUA MARINE is a semi-prescious tone with blue colour.

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