Advantages of Listening to Solution Finder CD

I have created a meditation CD called as “Solution Finder”. It can be used when you couldn’t find a solution to a problem.

Listen to the CD for a week, for any problem pressing you.  Use the head phone. Don’t walk while listening. This will take you deeper into a meditative state. Allow that to happen. Listening will make you close your eyes. Then after some time, it will make you wake up.

During this period, at some point of time, you will get a solution – the right one. Take it and execute it.

What’s a Solution?

There is no thing as solutions. There are only problems. When the problems are cleansed, the solution is revealed. Out of the blue, some thought or idea will come. Just you do that. Solution will dawn automatically.

What does it do?

It connects the crown chakra with the third eye chakra. In addition, it does lots of cleansing. Your problem will vanish.

You will find solution automatically.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear sir i like making chains fancy ones. friend gave suggestion to make and sell in my flat. so i made some ten chains to sell, but none got sold, this is second time this is happening to me, me upset and worried that i cant even do this small sales. sales is never in my hand. all appreciated my work though but when i asked them to buy storey turns. what should i do in such a situation. me not able to sleep also. kindly guide me. jayanthy

  2. take scleranthus Gentian larch heather 3 pills of each 3 doses per day. you will make sales.
    chant find count divine

  3. prachi tamgadge

    Naran sir,from last 1 month i get a training from a institute ,my two rounds of interview was done bt third round interview is going to delay from last 2 weeks ,i am very tens my parents hv a high hope from me ,plz help me ,can u give me any switch word to solve my problem as soon as posible

  4. I have been facing some obstacles regarding my n o c from the govt of my state regarding my foreign visit.would you please suggest a mantra to get my n o c approved from the govt

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