Meditation and Healing CDs from Naran

Bach Flower Meditation CD

Read the story narrated by Mangala, on Bach Flower CD:

Alpha Inducing Meditation CD

To know the benefits of listening to them as well as to know the various levels of meditation (eight commonly recognised) levels, check out the link:

Solar Colour Energy Meditation CD

Special Mantras and Healing Mantras (Part I) CD

The pronunciation rendering of mantras is provided in the CDs. For explanation of mantras and their benefits, please refer the following links:

Chakra Breathing CD

You combine Rhythmic breathing with Bija Mantras. It allows you to be in tune with cosmic breathing.


Please refer the article, “Mantra for Happiness”:

Mantra for Relieving Back Pain, Job Finder, and Marriage Broker

Refer this article for a case study:

Refer the benefits of listening to Vallabam Mantra:

Chakra Balancing and Activation:

Why you need to do chakra balancing? Refer this article:

Listen to this CD at least once a week, so as to remove all imbalances in your chakras as well as activating them.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Listen to this CD to recover faster after a long-standing illness, for any knee issues, and to get discharged from the hospital faster.

Healing Stories of Rama, Jada  Bharatha, and Gajendra Moksham

  • To know the benefits of listening to Gajendra Moksham:

  • Read the stories here:

Chakra pills

The pills will open up the chakras (the easy way).

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir,

    I was job-less for 2-3 months in 2010.
    I got your “Abundance CD” from my friend.
    I listened to it only for a week and i got many interviw calls and finally got the job as well with good salary.
    I also used switch words adviced by you through mail.
    Thank you very much Sir.
    I have given this CD to my father who is facing many financial problems.He is listening to it 2-3 times in a day ( without head phone), since 3 months. But he is not getting any positive results. Why CD is not working for him?
    Sir plz suggest.


    Thank you very much Sir

  2. Jyothi,
    please tell me what the financial problem is?

  3. My father is into business of ready -made garment’s manufacturing.
    His money stucked at many places, in business as well as in property.
    He is not getting orders.
    If he get some order, some problems come in between and make it very diificult to complete that order.
    If some how he is able to complete and deliver, he doesn’t get payment.
    One small manufacturing unit ( bulding of which is taken on rent) is sealed by court because of some issues between its land-lord and court.
    Money out-flow is much more than money in-flow.
    Other family members who are with him in business are not happy with him.
    He is working hard but not able to manage things.
    Also he is not very clear in his communications to anyone.
    Kindly guide to come out of this situation.

  4. Jyoti
    Write in a piece of paper OAK GORSE HORNBEAM and keep it in his pocket. Ask him to chant LALITHAM LAMBODARAM, LALITHAM SRIDARAM, 1000 times. daily.

  5. Download a picture of CITRINE (GEMSTONE) and Emerald and ask him to keep that

  6. Respected Sir ,

    Which CDs you will recommend for listening in pregnancy?


  7. jyoti
    bach flower meditation cd

  8. Sir,
    I would like to know which CD has the Chinese mantra “EEJOE”, meant for digestive issues.Also,could you please refer to the link if you have already explained as to how it is pronounced.

  9. thoughtspectra
    there is one cd named organ jo must be available there.
    Regarding the question of products dont come to the blog.
    contact or visit
    and use the contact form

  10. Namaste.Very impressive articles pn mantra healings. I am from South Africa. Where can i get your mantra healing CD from.

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