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Naran’ S Bach Flower Centre,

T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017

Contact: Shobana– 9884301634 or email: yogashobana@yahoo.com

Contact yogashobana@yahoo.com for the list of CDs and the price list.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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    from your centre and I am constantly hearing the same and benefitted lot after hearing these CDs and I am really thankful to Mr. Naran and also Ms. Shobana. I also bought some bach flower remedies for my grand daughter as suggested by Mr. Naran and given to her and are very useful . I have no words to describe the benefits of Bach FLower remedies and Switch words. Please let me know your WORKSHOP DETAILS slated for November 11 as I would like to partidcipate in the same

    With regards


  2. Respected Naran Sir,
    My sister had been to your center ast week of december. i had asked her buy al your cds & books which ever u sell. On the counter she was only given these 5 cds. 1, Bach flower cd 2. abundance cd 3. soul love 4. i love myself 5. special mantra cd. now pls tell me for what use is soul love cd , i love myself cd & special mantra cd to be used for. i also read your forgiveness prayer book & getting great benefits from it. Thank u very much.

    I love myself CD. you have to listen through headphone daily. the affirmations will go to your subconscious mind. When you deeply love yourself and accept yourself, the relationship outside will improve to a great extent. The soul love CD opens your heart chakra. you will experience the divine love within yourself. Listening continuously will open up your heart chakra, the center of love.

  4. Respected Sir,
    Do u have cds to open third eye & balance all the chakras?

  5. Naran Sir!
    the flower remedies you prescibed are working beautifully.Thanks.Eagerly awaiting the cds and Book.Also please send me the complete list of your valuable Cds and Books.so next time im in chennai i can come and buy.

  6. sir!
    After using gentian & hornbeam,i have become more introspective of any situation and act accordingly.

  7. Naran Sir,
    Here I am to share my bit of story. Not sure, if this is complete. You will have to guide me.

    1) You had given me HARMONY remedy pills. Yes, looks like it has worked. Ihave changed myself. I am not that arrogant that I was before to my husband, thoushg he is not helping me as of now. I do not know the reason. Atleast now there is no fight inside the house. My son is also becoming very co-operative and obedient to my words.

    Simultaneously, you had given me a few switch words:
    2) TOGETHER DIVINE – To get rid of my husband’s drinking habit. For the past 6 days, he had only ond day, on Sunday evening and that too very limited. I just pray that this continues.

    3) THIRUNEELAKANTAM – stop pan -parag…has reduced drastically to 6-8 packets a day. Hoping so this will also stop completely ONE FINE DAY. Again I continue to cahnt these mantras.

    4) With all this, I chant FIND DIVINE ORDER, whenever I feel like starting from getting down from MY BED at 4-30a.m. early morning.

    5) I am also working very smartly, plan things efficiently, and still able the complete household activities ALL ALONE without my husband’s help. I get all the energy within myself, know not know from where that confidence is being built within.

    NARAN, one last thing I am waiting is MY HUSBAND LOVE N AFFECTION that he had shared with me 5 yrs before. He always used to be with me everywhere in the house helping me out to do things, share the responsibilities of the baby and all other things. Hope, that day will be back.

    Do you want to suggest any other remedy or continue with TOGETHER DIVINE.


    with lots of love and prayers to our GOD, THE ALMIGHTY to bless you with a long long life.

  8. One more request Sir,

    I am already aged 45, looks like my journey to work is too long n feeling too tired. Can i look for a change in my job with a better salary package, less of work pressure, closer to my residence IT Park.

    Please suggest a remedy for the same.

  9. Roopa

  10. mr naren is live god for us in this kaliyuga i hope

  11. Dear Naran Sir

    You are our Guruji and hope to get more guide from you to lead our happily life on this earth.

  12. Dear Sir can a person who can’t afford to buy Cd or books ask from person who has purchased your items?can one copy for self from the books and Cds? its a Humble request to know.i am not asking for myself its for those who need healing your way.Thanks Divine Be


  13. fttrs,
    if anybody can’t afford to buy, let him contact me in person. Affordability is subjective. Anything that is got free has no value. The whole universe is a transaction of balanced giving and receiving. one cannot break the cycle.
    if you want to give free to others, you buy and give. why should you copy?
    you may ask why naran blogs are giving simple solutions free. Here by giving answers to various questions i am learning the healing process. I give, to receive the grace of healing and teaching.
    When anybody who comes to my personal mail has to pay consultation fee

  14. Dear Sir Naranji thanks aLot for replying I just asked this question because many people many links donot allow to copy the subject .Yes i am very greatful to you for sharing so much great values not even suggesting remedies but also suggesting to Be A Humble person to Be a wise person and showing right way to lead life.If anybody does wrong to other person universe takes it toll to give back whatever has been given to anybody. And sir i never mean anything wrong i was my thought to help peple if anybody need at the time of emergency.

    Since we are all endowed with the divine essence, we are all good and divine. Therefore it is not the human beings who are evil, but their choices, actions and deeds that could be good or evil.

    There is only one way to fight evil, and that is by spreading goodness, just as there is only one way to fight the darkness, and that is by spreading light. Similarly, only by spreading love can we eliminate hatred and enmity, and not by fighting and opposing each other.

    Some Basic Maxims of Zoroastrianism

    Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta, which mean: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

    There is only one path and that is the path of Truth.

    Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and then all beneficial rewards will come to you also.

    Dear Sir NAranji i humbly request you for not misunderstanding me .Thanks for sharing so much goodness with OPEN Heart.God bless you.

  15. ftrrs
    i did not misunderstand you at all. i just gave my answer. you can ask people to come to the link or take a print out and send to as many as possible.
    The products like books, cds and pills involve cost and that is what i meant by that.
    Best of divine grace to your always

    • Thanks A lot to you Dear Sir NAranji for Understanding Me.It Just Happens when somebody misunderstood me i feel sad something breaks inside me and i feel i am good for nothing<Hence i cleared my thinking to you Sir.I Appriciate your concern Sir.Thanks And Seeing forward your Divine Help to Guide us towards Light And Love.God Bless you.Any BAchflower for my type of emotion If any please reply.Thanks Sir.

  16. respected naran sir.
    according to the posts i read at ur site,i got to know of flower n switch word CERATO MIMULUS FIND DIVINE HOUSE and i tried calling wolf also. i landed a house that i liked of my choice but not in my budget. in my previous post i told u about the position of mine. yesterday night the broker said that the landlord is not willing to rent his apartment to us,becoz he is scared that he is not aware of our background and he thinks it is a risk. as the place is ahmedabad.it was kept on high alert due to pune attack recently. he hasnt met us or even talked to us even once.so how can we give him confidence. sir i am leaving for ahmedabad day after tomorrow to search new houses on rent. pls advise me wat can i do to get the kind of house we want and within our budget. is it posible to convince the owner of the house as it is a house near to my husbands office and is in a good condition as compared to all other houses we have seen till date. sir we have very less time and lots to do,as my husnabd is mostly travelling long distance and on top of this situation. sir pls help. i wiil be waiting for ur early reply.

    thank you sir.

    • shraddha,
      continue the same chanting. Add WALNUT to the combination.
      wolf is the one who only can help you now. Don’t leave him.

  17. respected naran sir

    sir after my last post, we got a call from the broker that the owner is unwilling to rent it and he was outstation,so there was not even a single chance to meet him. so we left hope.we went to the city again to start searching. i did not receive ur reply by then.so we left on 10th morning. but i tried various combinations of words. one such is : RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER GORSE CERATO MIMULUS FIND/REACH DIVINE HOUSE.

    Sometimes i added NOW DONE at the end of the chant.
    i dont know wat worked coz i tried various combinations. i also added the name of the building i wanted.
    and i also requested wolf to guide and help us.
    i did not get the same house but another one in the same society n building. but it is nothing as compared to the one i wanted bcoz it is not furnished at all. yes the rent is 2k less. so it saves some money. we have requested the broker to speak to owner to provide some furniture. i dont know whether he will agree. sir i am happy that i got the place i wanted,surely not the house. but its fine. maybe that is what it had to be.
    A request again sir,pls provide some chant to convince him for some
    furnishing,as it will be a lot of help.

    thanks to you once again sir. i believe its you (divine) all the way who helped us. really grateful to u.
    will be awaiting ur reply.
    thank you

  18. shraddha
    you thank him for furnishing the house.
    I thank ….. for agreeing to furnish the house.Step into the house with happiness and not grumbling. Thank the divine for what is given to you. Thanking state will keep you content and happy.

  19. Respectecd Naranji,
    I am searching for job in dubai , at present i m in dubai for the last one year , i applied somany site but no response , i m mba but nothing is working , also i have lost huge amount of money and the person who has takenit not giving me back this all havd last year.

    after doing so much research on internet i came across your website.
    thanks in advance and help u r providing to people.

  20. Respected Naran sir.
    i am in great confusion as to wat is happening in my life. already facing a financial crunch,i am not able to stabilize my condition. the other property also went from our hand. the owner says he dosent want to rent but sell it. so now we again have to start search for a new house. every time we go,we end up spending nearly 3000/- in every trip. travelling one place to another and lot things. my husband is trying to arrange funds from every source possible.
    i need ur help sir as to wat should i do now to get the property we want. we have very less time. we cannot afford more travel and expenses.
    we are leaving tomorow morning. By the time i receive ur help,the situation changes. i dont know wat else to do. i try to chant wat ever seems most appropriate. but now i seem to lose hope. even calling and chanting wolf did not help. pls guide me sir as wat i can do now.

    thank you sir for all the help u gave me till now. i think time is not in favor.

    CHANT gorse blue sapphire

  22. Respected Naran sir.
    thank you for the help. i read ur reply before i left for a new house search. and kept chanting GORSE BLUE SAPPHIRE. And also called wolf. but the house that we had finalized didnt turn in our favor,even after waiting for so long. so we had to settle for something else,becoz we had no time,and the broker also did not have many options left to show. As i said maybe time isnt favoring me in any aspect. but i am really very grateful to u for ur quick response and timely help that u gave me. may God bless u.
    thanks and regards

  23. I am so glad I found your abundance cd on iTunes! Will there be more of your cds available on itunes soon?

  24. Sir,

    I happened to download a book on mantras from the net. While going through it, I read people’s experience on your mantras. I had never heard of this before and first time I came across your blog and read some of the articles.

    My husbands business agreement was over 2 months back and he is depending on his father for finances. My husband never mingles with relatives(both my side and his side) and deliberately avoids them and any function in the family.. His relatives misunderstand that I am stopping him from mingling with other and my relatives don’t like his behavior. please suggest remedies on how we can be financially stable and how can i make him understand that we need people around us.

    I get irritated even for small issues and vent my anger on my daughter. I know it is wrong, but unable to control my anger. I regret later. I am stressed because of this and have lower back pain and early symptoms of sciatica. I want to heal these by chanting mantras. please help

  25. vidhya
    chant cherryplum impatiens together divine daily around 500 times

  26. sir my son is 9th he is not studying good not interest in study but he is very intelligent pls help me

  27. akila,
    chant ADJUST SLOW CARE over a glass of water and give him

  28. my husbahd is not attached with my family he has has attactment only with in laws

  29. My husband was offered jobs from different places but the salary was not good.

    Also I have an interview on this Sunday (10th march) morning. I need this job very badly. Can u please help me to get this job? Are there any words that I can chant, so that both our problems would be solved?

    And also we were trying to get to UK for last 4 years, by applying for jobs over there. But all applications were rejected just for one reason that we were not from European Union (it’s a rule, we can’t change that). 2 or 3 companies offered him job, but just because of the above problem, it went out of our hands.

  30. Ranju,

  31. Dear sir
    My name is Arthan i am studying in 9th std . im going to 10th std .
    . im not geting concentration in studies . i want concentration. pls tell me one mantra.

  32. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am a great admirer of your work on healing through different methodologies.I am Amit Singh ,M/39, from lucknow. I have weak digestion by birth but it got worse when I got jaundice in 2010 and have diabetes detected with it. I lost 15 kgs during jaundice treatment. I have liking for sugar and do not like salty food. I also have high sugar controlled by medicine and some easy exercises.
    Now I have weak body with weak immunity. I have serious digestive system problem ( diabetes, rectal prolapse, weak digestion, gas, acidity, colitis accompanied by IBS and frequent natural call with goat’s stool. Due to this illness I have to leave my job. I was advised for surgery of rectum but I want to avoid it.
    Please guide me with suitable protocols regarding my body constitution. I have knowledge of reiki II degree and basic knowledge of mantra, chakra healing .
    Thanking you for kind consideration.

    Yours sincerely,
    Amit Singh

  33. Amith singh,

  34. Dear Sir Naranji
    Sir what english switchwords ,bachflowers is used for buying anything in our own budget and selecting right things.Like Car,House,jwelaries ANYTHING… because when we go to buy such things we have to decide Right which sometimes we cannot.kindly suggest some remedies so that in end we wont regreat for buying such things.THANKS-BE

  35. Ftrrs,
    within budget: Mimulus
    To be satisfied and not regretting: Gentian Honeysuckle.

  36. Dear Sir Naranji

  37. sir,please reply me……….ATUL

    • Atul
      sit in a relaxed manner without doing anything. Listen to it with headphones. Do not try to follow the mantra. you need not chant. One mantra is superimposed on the other and yourtrying to follow them, will give you head ache. Just keep quiet allow the mantras to vibrate in your whole being.
      you can listen for two times

    I Want to be a speaker at the forum. i want to read Poetry, ghazals from the forum. please guide me . ATUL

  39. Atul
    chant ELM HORNBEAM HEATHER 100 times over a glass of water and drin k it on that day.
    write these flowers in a paper and keep it with you when you deliver gajals

  40. Hi Mr. Naran,

    For what all purposes can the “Psychic Ties Cut” CD be used for?

  41. indrani ramani

    please let me know how to stop mother influencing daughter thru switch words or bach flower remedies Thank you

  42. Is there any cd for weight loss..or any remedy combination for weight loss.. what is the mental cause of overweight.. how can we remove it?

  43. dear sir, what is the hand mudra with the HOLE word.when we are chanting HOLE word when witch mudra should be done with chanting by us . please reply me sir.

  44. CDInfoNeed

    The answer is same.

    Call up Naran/Shobana.

  45. guruji, my son according to his age he is quite short in structure, i want him to grow tall please suggest some remedy

  46. Don’t ask the question in multiple places.

  47. Naran Sir,

    I have an experience of 11 years and till now i have always got jobs on third party contract and have after so many years got an offer from a company for a on role position. Can you please suggest something by which i get through the interview with a good salary hike?

  48. honey
    chant gentian larch together change count now



  51. NARAN SIR PRANAAM,I want to tell you that I began to listen to the CD TOGETHER DIVINE just before 7 days . I’m becoming the best player of chess game. while I was not good player of chess. Is this possible. Whether twice daily for 42 days by listening to this CD will show more positive change?

  52. Naran Sir,
    Thank you so much from all of us who have been initiated into this world of healing and most importantly the world of forgiveness. You definitely are the Divine instrument who has been selected by the Divine to spread the message of harmony and happiness. God bless you with loads and loads of bliss, energy and knowledge. Thank you Guruji.
    Just had one question, while listening to the CDs invariably i tend to fall asleep, as soon as the cd ends, invariably i get up feeling absolutely normal. Is this normal? Should we not be concentrating while listening? Is the sub-conscious mind working even if we fall asleep while listening and the affirmations and mantras work on the sub-conscious mind?

  53. were i can buy release fear CD in chennai and how much it cost, pls inform
    also CD available for earning money?
    ph. 93840 93850
    mail. prabu1953@yahoo.com

  54. Dear Sir,

    Is there any other ways to get your cd’s? I have written to miss shobana to courier but she asked to download from 1minyoga itself. Tried to download from the website but it always say credit card cannot be verified. I will be grateful if you can reply on this. Thank you very much.

    • gauri

      This is not the problem with the site.
      your card has not been verified by Visa. This is new procedure.enquire with the bank about this. They will guide you how to do the visa verification.

  55. Dear Naran Sir,

    Thank you very much for replying me and i also received mail on this matter. Happy to say i just downloaded the mp3 link. Thanks for guiding me and have a very nice day.

  56. can we buy the past life healing cd & manual online if we are a reiki channel? Cud u plz update the list so that we can benefit from it. thanks a lot

  57. Dear Naran Sir,
    My nephew who is turning 18 soon is becoming very rebellious to his parents. Both parents have not had a good relationship and have often fought in the midst of this child and they both bribed him in many ways to get his attention. Now the child has turned against them and he has left his college saying he does not want to study and wants to live the way he wants and he is just waiting to turn 18 when he says noone can control him. I very much want to help him but I know neither his parents nor he would listen to me. Please advice what to do. Thank you so much for your great help. Sincerely awaiting a reply soon.

  58. hello sir
    you didnt say left hand thumb touching middle & what other fngers? pl let me know sir

  59. Dear Naran Sir,
    Namaskarams. I am buying toto lottery tickets for many years but until now i never won any prize. I have desire to buy 1800sq ft. condominium in my country in the center of the city. for this i have to get lottery or some out source only becoz it is not possible to buy with my husband’s income & its retiring time also so no one will give loan too. pl. help me to buy condominium in this november, pl. pl sir. i want to win jackpot atleast 2 lottery tickets then everything is possible. pl help me sir. this is my very long time desire.
    secondly we want to give marriage to my son in our own community but we are not getting good matches of proper girl of good looking, humble, educated & good cultured. In this matter pl sir help me.this year we want to fix his marriage at any cost but marriage relation should be strong well balanced. pl give me some switch words for this sir.

  60. Dear Naran Sir,
    Namaskarams. This is for my sister’s son. He got married recently in August and he is staying in Canada. But that girl is not willing to go Canada and dont want to start married life. My sister is in very tense pl help my sister to solve this problem. how they can be together in canada with healthy married life. pl help me sir. we all want her to go Canada immidiately with her own will and start her married life with my sister’s son. pl. give switch word to chant sir.

  61. Sir
    It would be very convenient if all the products are listed online along with price & shipping charges. Also the facility to buy online through Credit Card.

  62. Namaskar Respected Naran Sir,
    I am from Mumbai and believe in the power of Switch words a lot.
    I have a problem in my marriage.
    I earn lot less than my husband and for the sake of our kid, i put my career on lower priority.
    Also, I helped my husband get a job when he was penniless and now that he has progressed in his job, he has become arrogant and uses very rude, insulting language on me. He harasses me in various ways and accuses me of being a failure.All this is affecting me and I am afraid my child will learn same type of mindset and treat me in same insulting way when he grows up. I used to be short tempered but thru use of switch words (i follow a FB page) and little bit of meditation, I have realized that reacting is wrong and of no use. My husband has habit of becoming violent and hurting me, breaking costly things when angry.
    He has no respect for me at all. I bear all expenses in family and still being subjected to this kind of behavior.
    My only request is to give me some remedy to help me be at peace, and guard myself from my husband’s attitude/nature which is eating away my mental peace.
    I wish to have some semblance of respect in my family and peaceful atmosphere at home.
    Kindly help.
    Thank you with deepest gratitude.

  63. Aparnaji its Naran sir’s new website reachnaran.com in that you see place ASK NARAN there you will see comment right at the bottom of page.there you can write your queries and wait for naran sir to Answer.All the best.Take CAre

  64. Are there CDs to lisen to reptition of mantras,swichwords, etc. for cancer cure, e.g., NAMASHIVAYAM, Om Lum Namaha….Om Hum Namaha, Concede clear centre cancel old undead cells Find New Cells.? Will ‘TOGETHER DIVINE CD’ be useful for cancer cure also?
    I want a list of CDs available with you for sale.

  65. Sir, i have been married for 19 years.. have not conceived a child

    tried many treatments.. including ivf.. but did not see results

    now my menses has also stopped coz of strong injections taken

    kindly suggest how can i restore menses and conceive my own child

  66. Would you be posting more of your CDs on iTunes and what switch words can I use for cutting cords and removing domineering and energy vampires from my life. Thank you.

  67. Sangeeta sarin

    I chanced upon this quite accidentally and stayed on to go through all the queries and comments..I noticed that the coincidence is I’ve only recently begun to read up on and take Bach flower remedies recently.
    This furthermore led me to smile to myself ,the universe indeed has a plan..I’ve been introspecting …my sisters been hurting her limbs eg a fractured toe two year’s ago after our mothers death..she was v attached to her and single handely took complete care of her untill her death…the freak accident in a taxi which dislocated and fractured her left hand..it’s the left side which is being hurt..she’s unable to forget mums trauma at the doctors callous treatment..I’m giving her rescue remedies..and mimulus.
    I’d very much appreciate being directed to buying the appropriate CD s ,I’d like to discuss on s more private forum directly with the gentleman for further guidance..thanks in advance..

  68. One of the excellent items i have seen in the week.

  69. Hello sir,
    Iam very new to this concept.but off late iam doing quite a bit research on switchwords and ec…I must say that it’s great iam seeing positive result in a overcoming a bad habit. Right now i need your help sir…my daughter is 6 yrs old but she looks like 3 years old. She absolutely has no interest in eating hence she is thin and extremely short…please help
    Thank you.

  70. Hello Sir

    I am going to your website from last 6 months and thanks for this divine mantras.
    I need your help as i am going to purchase a flat and want a mantra / sw for passing loan with good rate of interest, mantra for money which i have given to someone they will return to me immediately. please sir hepl me .


  71. I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have offered in your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very brief for starters. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  72. Hi Naranjee,

    I am recently introduced to switchwords by someone close. I read your blogs & tried one such switchword. I am happy to mention that it worked wonders. Want to thank you for making the life of people look so beautiful by sharing the law of attraction. Awesome!!

    I want to ask you the switchword for my unknown fears. I was a very secure & confident person once upon a time but of late there is something that holds me back inspite of a v supportive family. Please help.

  73. Want to purchase a book on bach flower remedies and spirit guide animals . How do I purchase ?

  74. My son is 28 years. Looking for the marriage
    But he is very arrogant and adamant by nature
    Too short tempered To control anger
    The switch word for controlling anger and switch word for marriage
    Also he has some bad habits like drinking and smoking. I want to get rid of this bad habit
    Pl help me as I have heard naran switch words helps a lot. Being mother I am too tensed pl help
    Awaiting a favourable response


    Hi Sir, I am Neelesh everything else is fine in my life except my approach towards Finance, I have always been in debts I have cleared my debts a coupe of times but for some odd reasons I keep increasing my Liabilities please suggest a permanent remedy.


  76. Padmavathi Yelluripati

    I want to forget my previous love. And I want my husband must treat me like a human being and I want his love and affection on me and my children

  77. Hllo sir
    I want to go to Canada through study visa and to settle there to earn highly to support my family.
    I’m going to give ielts exam plz help me to get 8+ band and to get Canada Visa .

  78. Pranam naran sir
    Husband ladies garment business in loss and now in debt. Not able to pay shop rent. His mind is blocked, he is not able to understand what to do. He want to do die as 5 years of hard work give him loss. It’s because he didn’t do the business smartly or u can say not for profit. He didn’t calculate the profit in 5years just taking credits from here and there. He just lost his mother too and guilty that he didn’t take care of her properly. It’s not that other sibling take care financially we done other things. He don’t want to so anything but how we raise our children we don’t have saving too.

  79. Dear Naran Sir,

    2 years ago, my husband had a terrible fight with members of my family (my mama, papa, brother, sisters and brother in laws).

    Since then he does not talk to them. He does not even let me and my son meet or visit them. Its already 2 years but he does not seem to forget anything. Everybody in the family wants him back and holds no grudge against him. However he is being stubborn.

    Sir, is there any switchword that i can do to make him reconcile with them? It will be no less than a miracle for me if this can happen. i am trying all sort of prayers LOA techniques but this reconciliation seems to be impossible. My husband’s heart does not get soft for them at all…

    Please help me Sir.

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